Commercial scales are widely used in the food industry. The proper measurement of food items helps ensure businesses aren’t packaging or selling too little or too much for what they charge. Here are seven food and related industries that need commercial scales.

1. Bakeries

Bakeries use commercial scales to help their ingredients go as far as they can. A mis-measurement of something means an entire batch of an item is spoiled and has to be thrown out. This creates a loss not only in ingredients but also products that would’ve been sold and brought in revenue. Unless a baker is highly experienced and knows how to eye measurements, bakeries need commercial scales to help measure each item.

2. Candy & Confectionaries

Weighing out the various candies for confectionaries can be a task in and of itself depending on the how much of a variety of item is sold. Properly weighing these items guarantees that the consumer is getting a fair amount for what they pay for and that the business isn’t packaging too much and therefore losing revenue. Items like jelly beans, gummy candies, hard chocolates, wrapped or unwrapped candy, licorice, and more are all items a confectionary would use the commercial scale for.

3. Delis & Kitchens

Any deli or meat market is going to have a commercial scale. When you go to your grocery store and purchase deli meat, the worker behind the counter weighs what they shaved or sliced to make sure you’re getting the right amount and to price it correctly. Yamato commercial scales have multiple functions and capacities including portion control, batching and general weighing. Mechanical scales have portion control specifically for carving uniform portions of deli meats and cheeses.

4. Pet

Most people love animals compelling them to adopt a pet or multiple pets at some point in their life, creating a huge industry for pet suppliers. Any dry animal food, which needs to be weighed and packaged requires a commercial scale to do so. Animal products that would be measured out include:

  • Dry dog and cat food
  • Dog bones
  • Pet treats or dry morsels

Pet owners, as much as they love their furry friend(s), know how expensive owning a pet can be and will appreciate getting the right amount of a product when they purchase it for their animal.

5. Seafood

Another food industry, seafood businesses need to weigh their products. Seafood items that might be weighed and measured are:

  • Fish sticks
  • Shrimp, fresh and frozen
  • IQF Salmon and other fish fillets
  • Lobster

Semi-automatic weighers are ideal for fixed weight packaging of lobster tails, fish fillets and other large seafood pieces or fragile products.

6. Meat

A close cousin to seafood, meat is a 52 billion pound industry of which every pound needs to be weighed. Whether it’s shredded, diced, cubed, or in stick form, all kinds of meat are weighed out for proper packaging.

7. Snacks

Every consumer has most likely stopped at a convenience store or gas station to grab a bag of chips or something of the sort to snack on only to find the bag was under filled. Although it’s likely an innocent oversight, it’s no fun for the consumer who ends up with it. Yamato offers various options for snack food weighing applications including potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, popcorn and many other “chip” type products. Gentle product handling features are available for delicate snacks, minimizing breakage.

Yamato Scales

If you’re a business in one of these industries, you know how important proper measurement of your product is. Take a look today at the various scales Yamato offers and make sure your business has a top quality scale to help your business provide it’s best service.