Because of the well-known contamination issues packaged foods can have, any equipment you use should help you avoid problems. If you’re in the market for a food-packaging machine, you want equipment that is durable and works consistently. But that’s not all. You also want equipment that helps you avoid contamination issues without compromising quality.

Here are four traits you should expect from your next piece of food-packaging equipment.

Industrial equipment for food packaging in factory

1. Easy To Use

One of the most difficult challenges in dealing with food-packaging equipment is learning how to use the machine properly. Most food-packaging machines take a lot of training. If a machine isn’t user-friendly, training can easily eat into an employer’s labor costs. Plus, when equipment is hard to use, employers end up relying more on the few employees who understand how to use it. In general, your equipment should be easy to master and difficult to mess up with. Equipment that is simple to use also cuts down on errors, which saves money in the long run. Your customers expect consistency and secure packaging, so you should hold your food-packaging machine up to that same standard.

2. Some Kind of Automation

There’s no process that can’t benefit from automation.No matter what kind of packaging equipment you need, your packaging process must be streamlined. And when you’re packaging lots of food, you need a machine that helps make your work efficient, inexpensive, and accurate. Luckily, there are plenty of options. Some machines help by pre-measuring the amount of product you’re packaging. Others can automatically seal a package at the push of a button. Any equipment you have, however, should be able to support assembly line usage.

3. It Needs to be Durable

Durability should be the bare minimum requirement for any piece of commercial equipment in which you invest. Most managers expect the equipment in which they invest to last for years to come. It’s important to remember, however, that maintenance matters too. Even if a piece of equipment seems efficient, if it constantly needs repairs or replacement parts, it may be much less efficient than it seems. In short, any commercial equipment in which you invest should be made of durable and easy-to-clean materials. This will help workers maintain peak efficiency and remain productive for the length of the machine’s usable years.

4. Reasonable Maintenance Costs

Every piece of equipment you use at your facility should be easy to maintain and own. When your food-packing machine is reliable, that lowers the overall cost of maintenance. If a machine requires constant repairs and service calls, you’re going to have to make up for the hours it’s disabled. That could mean overtime or delayed deliveries. Also, if a machine uses materials, it should have a low waste ratio. When a machine is tearing or deforming packaging materials, you’re not only losing money due to the wasted materials, you could also be hurting your brand image.

A Good Food-Packaging Machine Can Save Money

A quality food-packaging machine should be durable, reliable, low-cost, and low drama. True, equipment is always an investment, but it’s an investment for which you should see fair returns over the long run.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should invest in a packaging machine, check out our guide for tips. If you’re curious to learn about Yamato’s many commercial weighing and packaging solutions, visit our website.