If you’re a manufacturer that uses weighing machines like checkweighers or combination weighers, there are three main areas it can be helpful to train your employees on. Even if only a basic understanding, the more knowledgeable your employees are, the better equipped they’ll be to run these weighing machines as well as recognize problems and even fix minor ones. Here are three things to make sure they know that Yamato can help provide training on.

Basic Operation

How to operate a weighing machine may seem obvious to you, but the basic operation is a key element for employees to understand and can include many things. Basic operation is about more than how to operate a weighing machine, it also means an understanding of product distribution and delivery. Employees who have a knowledge of that are better equipped to be able to judge adjustments that may be needed while in production as well as speed and accuracy.


Providing your employees with knowledge about maintenance can help them be able to fix minor problems or be able to determine if an issue requires someone with more specialized skills to address the problem. When it comes to checkweighers and combination weighers some things you could talk to your employees about are:

  • Basic scale construction
  • Basic mechanical principles
  • Basic electrical principles
  • ARCNET and system network
  • AICC and AICC-SE controller, the HMI
  • Actuator principles
  • Troubleshooting
  • Test accessories and practices
  • Routine and preventive maintenance

Advanced Applications

This information may be reserved more for senior employees or anyone you may have on staff to handle problems that come up with the machines. Advanced applications could include:

  • Troubleshooting typical scale problems
  • Running product at different speed and weights
  • Understanding high speed operation (above 120/min)

Employees who do have advanced knowledge about how to run applications and troubleshoot can save you time and money. They can also ensure any problems are resolved quickly rather than hours spent trying to figure something out.

Yamato Training

Yamato provides training on-site at customer facilities for any company who would like their employees to be more educated about the machines they work with. On-site instruction generally consists of 3-4 hours per day of classroom instruction, followed by 3-4 hours of hands-on training. Instruction greater than 8 hours/ day, across several shifts, is available, but not recommended unless more than one instructor is used. Training is also available at the Yamato Technology Center in Mequon, WI. Contact Yamato today to set up a training on-site or at our facility.