Food waste is a very real problem in America. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated almost 133 billion pounds of wasted food from stores, restaurants, and homes in 2010. Not only is that wasteful, but it’s costly and damaging to your business.

If you’re running a restaurant or any business involving food sales, then a reliable checkweigher will help you in a number of meaningful ways.

Here are three of the top reasons why your business should purchase a checkweigher.

large industrial checkweigher

1. Save Money in the Long Run

Here’s the big reason: You’ll save money! Who doesn’t love to hear that?

When you find a checkweigher for your business, it may cost you up front, but it’s a smart investment that will pay for itself over time.

Some of your employees may not realize the damaging cost of sending excess food to customers, but you could find yourself spending more money on your food products than you’re making in sales. This hurts your entire business, and that includes them.

A weighing machine will help ensure that you’re not wasting any food because it will automatically reject packages that don’t fall exactly on the weight you’re aiming for. And the most accurate weight scale will be able to measure your food portions down to minute quantities.

2. Be Consistent and Fair to Your Customers

Whether you’re serving up hot food at a restaurant or just selling food in general, no customer doesn’t like receiving more than what they paid for. But the more inconsistent the amount of food you send out, the more unfair your business looks to people in general.

Be fair and more consistent with all of your customers by using a checkweigher to accurately send out the product you promise to deliver.

3. Deliver Cleaner, Safer Food

Some optional checkweigher features can be extremely useful. Consider, for instance, a checkweigher with a metal detector. Believe it or not, harmful metal objects found in food isn’t as uncommon as you may think it is.

A metal detector may seem like an unnecessary feature, but it can help find and eliminate the presence of harmful contaminants embedded in your product. Not only that, but the best food scales come with anti-bacterial conveyor belts. They’re already primed and ready for areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance, such as kitchens and food prep areas.

In fact, if you’re worried about the space of your kitchen or food prep area, quality checkweighers come in very compact designs that can easily fit into any space, even crowded ones.

Where to Find the Right Checkweigher for You

A good quality checkweigher is going to pay for itself over time. How? Because your restaurant will save money by not unnecessarily wasting food, you will provide a consistent and fair product to your customers, and you will deliver safe and clean food.

If you have more questions about how a checkweigher can help your business or if you’d like to purchase one, please contact us for more information. Yamato checkweighers come with standard and optional features designed to meet your unique needs.