The food and beverage industry continues to grow to meet the high demands of customers visiting restaurants every single day. Thankfully, advancements in technology have enhanced the packaging process for the better. Combination weighers need to be accurate and sanitary. These are two important factors we at Yamato Automatic & Commercial Weighing Solutions believe in.

Read on to learn more about why our food weight machines are necessary to improve the product flow for your business.

1. Our Alpha Advance Combination Weighers are Heavy Duty

alpha advance combination weigherOne example of a high-performing food weight machine is our Alpha Advance Combination Weigher. This high-speed and high-accuracy machine delivers proven results each time it is in use. You can trust it to be a reliable machine because it features total operability. It includes a smart touch screen for optimal user-friendly accessibility, and there are also self-diagnostics put in place to alert you of any trouble.

The Alpha Advance Combination Weigher is also extremely hygienic. The complete stainless steel parts ensure that the actuators are clean at all times.

Another benefit of our powerful machine is how durable it is. The heavy-duty metal on the buckets seals in up to 150kg loads.

2. Space Saving Design Included with Semi-Automatic Combination Weighers

Another food weight machine we sell at Yamato Parts and Service is the Semi-Automatic. This machine is truly ideal for fixed-weight packaging.

An optional takeaway conveyor belt can attach to this machine model, too. We install easy-to-use controls on every machine we sell, and that is part of this combination weigher, too.

Fresh produce or fresh poultry is gently managed using this food weight machine. The compact size of this combination weigher is ideal for small spaces. We concentrate on designing and selling the best machines for packaging your products, no matter how tiny your warehouse may be inside.

Cleaning and maintaining the quality of this machine is a breeze. The conveyors are detachable, so they can be properly rinsed off and reattached to the main machine after cleaning!

3. Our Food Weight Machine Models are Environmentally Responsible

Of course, something to consider with all heavy duty machinery is the environmental impact it leaves on the Earth. We provide environmentally responsible stamps of approval with each of our machine types.

The machines from Yamato are all using less power than ever before. Maintenance costs are down because our materials are time-tested and proven to perform for as long as you need them. Package waste is also significantly lower with our unique combination weighers that have large product windows put in place for optimal product flow.

Learn More About Combination Weighers

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Since 1998, our team at Yamato Corporation Dataweigh Division has provided numerous packaging machinery options for industries around the world. Our customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we’d love to help you find the perfect fit.

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