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Semi-Automatic Combination Weigher

The TSDW is an ideal combination scale for producing fixed weight food packages. Featuring iP65 washdown and offers a space-saving design. Labor savings can be achieved as well as improving overall work efficiency while eliminating weight shortages. A belt-conveyor system with minimal drops allows for the gentle handling of fragile products such as mushrooms, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, poultry and many other products at speeds up to 30/min.

Maximize Productivity
• Better giveaway saves you money. The Yamato TSDW enables you to save tens of
  thousands of dollars every year by reducing overweigh packages.

SAVE $78,125.00 a year

Let’s say you make 2.5 million packages per year of a product the sells for $1.00 per pound. And, let’s also say that the Yamato TSDW can reduce your overweights by just 1/2 ounce (it will probably be more than that based on product and target weight.) That means the Yamato TSDW will save you $78,125 in the first year and every single year after that.

Maximize Up-Time
• High speed stable operation improves cost performance of operation. TSDW enables you to
  increase the output from the same amount of workers by increasing production capability.
• Speeds up to 1,800 weighments per hour*
• Speed depends on product and operator’s speed
• Easy-to-clean design reduces down-time from cleaning.
• Optional operation data output provides analyzing capability for the weighing process.

Minimize Product Damage
• Gentle product handling design provides delicate and fragile product weighing capability.
  TSDW enables you to reduce the damage on delicate and value-added fragile products
  during the weighing process.

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